Large Format digital printing is complex, and time consuming. Most large format printers will be producing work on a mix of printing technology, RIPs, ink sets and substrates – whether you are producing banners, vehicle wraps or soft-signage – no two jobs are the same.


PrintFactory is the only RIP-based workflow solution for wide format printers that comes with a set of tools that work much harder and smarter than the average, standard RIP – reducing errors, material wastage, ink consumption and man-hours in the process.


PrintFactory users print more, for less.

Why PrintFactory?

Colour Consistency



PrintFactory’s advanced colour engine gives you consistent colour on every printer, every substrate, every time. Months (or miles) apart.

Here's how...



Thanks to the VISU™ ICC device-link colour engine in PrintFactory; large format inkjet devices print better, vivid, stronger, and more accurate colour – consistently – on different printers and substrates, in different conditions, miles and months apart.


VISU™ device-link profiles calculate more accurately the conversion of colour between your printer’s colour gamut and your reference profile using PrintFactory’s ‘Visual Match’ algorithms.


With PrintFactory the colour you want, is the colour you get.

Lower Ink Costs



PrintFactory reduces your ink bills while at the same time, increases your print quality. Here’s how…

Here's how...



The real problem with large format printing is that most people just use the profiles that ship with the printers or RIPs. Generic profiles always use more ink than is really necessary and still get imperfect results.


PrintFactory’s device-link profiles are made specifically for the printers and substrates in use – not only will your colour quality increase, your ink consumption will decrease – with our Eco Save algorithms typically by around 20%


PrintFactory lets you create device-link profiles in just a few clicks.


With PrintFactory, you get better colour and use less ink.

Smarter Job Prep



PrintFactory includes a desktop PDF editor designed specifically for preparing large format print jobs. PrintFactory Editor turns those tricky Illustrator jobs into simple one-click commands – speeding up prepress processes and reducing the amount of Adobe licenses needed in the studio.

Here's how...



With PrintFactory’s Editor your prepress team will be working smarter not harder. Check, fix, and process more files in less time. It’s as easy as that.


PrintFactory’s Editor gives you full control over editing PDF, image and Illustrator files. Fixing fonts, changing images, tweaking artwork placing grommets, setting tiling, creating white layers, remapping spot colours, RGB and CMYK elements. Everything you need for fast, simple prepress production of problem files.


With PrintFactory Editor you get faster job preparation with less mistakes.

Less Wasted Media



PrintFactory Layout lets you impose, gang and nest for the best use of media, and minimum wastage. But there’s more. Want to make a change? Okay, Want to add a late job? No problem.

Here's how...



Advanced nesting and ganging. Optimized tiling. True Shape nesting, mirror templates, cut-path editing, – and all the bleed settings you could ever want or need. PrintFactory does it all, in a way that reduces your media wastage AND gives you more control over what you’re doing and the profits you’re making.


The way our workflow software works will make you think. It’s not just what you can do with smart layouts, it’s how the software processes those jobs: saving time, reducing wasted media.


With PrintFactory Layout you get faster job preparation with less material wastage.


Would you build a house without plans? Of course not – so why would you design and print a job without a proof?


In a perfect world, at every touch point in the workflow – design concept, artwork creation, pre-press and press room; the image to be printed would be viewed in the correct colour condition and as it ultimately will be printed.


Traditional contract proofing systems are too expensive for this to be a reality. But, now with ProofMaster – powered by VISU™ – graphic arts professionals can produce highly accurate, certified proofs on reasonably priced proofing paper from as little as £40 per month.

Ideal proofing software,
made even better!

ProofMaster® powered by VISU™

ProofMaster® powered by the VISU™ colour engine now includes 8-colour multi-channel device-link profiles and CxF/X-4 spot colour measurement in every version.
VISU™ profiles deliver Delta-e proofing tolerances that you’d usually find with much more expensive products, making ProofMaster® the best value proofing software available today.


Multi-channel profiling, proof certification and CxF/X-4 spot colour management makes ProofMaster® ideal for proofing in extended colour gamut printing, packaging design, commercial printing or fine art printing.


One product, one price – ProofMaster® does it all.

What’s ‘in the box’?

  • ProofMaster® RIP with printer drivers
  • 10 desktop Layout seats
  • ProofMaster Calibrator
  • VISU™ device-link profiling with CMYK profile tuning
  • Additional RGB, and 8c multi-channel options
  • Inline and offline Proof Certification
  • QR code proof label with online certification report
  • FOGRA/UGRA and Idealliance media wedges
  • CxF/X-3 and CxF/X-4 Spot Colour handling
  • Spot colour fine-tuning


With support for both OSX and Windows operating systems, ProofMaster® is the ideal choice for creative studios and production houses alike.

All stakeholders involved in the creation and printing of a job can share profiles, printer calibration files and proof certification data through the ProofMaster cloud.


With ProofMaster®, your systems don’t limit your potential.